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A weekly roundup of curated posts and helpful insights about the digital experience

A weekly roundup of curated posts and helpful insights about the digital experience

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💭 A Brief Overview of Data Warehouse | XS’ Issue #31

What Is Data WarehouseA data warehouse is a centralized repository of integrated data from multiple sources. It is used to support decision making by providing easy access to historical data.Data warehouses typically use a batch-oriented architecture, which m…


💭 Importance of Contextual Relevance | XS’ Issue #30

Businesses have long known the importance of contextual relevance in providing a great customer experience.In the brick-and-mortar days, this meant being aware of what was going on in the customer's life and what they might need help with.In the digital age, …


💭 What, How, and Why of Serverless | XS’ Issue #29

In the technology world, "serverless" is a hot word. But what does it mean, and why should you care? In this article, we'll give you a quick overview of what serverless is, how it works, and why it's a big deal.What Is ServerlessServerless is a cloud-computin…


💭 Overview of Data Lake | XS’ Issue #28

Data lakes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to store huge volumes of data at a low cost. This week, we'll give you a brief overview of data lakes and discuss some of the benefits they offer businesses.What Is Data LakeA data lake is a ce…


💭 Introduction to Content Orchestration | XS’ Issue #27

Do you have a lot of content, but feel like you're not quite sure what to do with it all?You're not alone.In today's digital world, it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends and know how to use your content in the most effective way possible. That's w…


💭 The Importance of Experience Design in 2022 | XS’ Issue #26

In today’s world, it’s not enough to just have a great product anymore. You also need to have a great experience to go along with it. That’s where experience design comes in. Today, we’ll discuss with you what experience design is and how you can use it to im…


💭 Webhooks Explained Under 1-Minute | XS’ Issue #25

In a world where API integrations are key to business success, it's no wonder that webhooks have become so popular. But what exactly is a webhook, and why is it so important for headless architectures?What Is a Webhook?A webhook is an API that is used to prov…


💭 What Is GraphQL for Beginners | XS’ Issue #24

GraphQL has taken the developer world by storm. It is a query language that allows developers to interact with APIs in a more efficient way. In this issue of Experience Stack Newsletter, we will give you a brief overview of what GraphQL is and how it works.Gr…


💭 REST API Explained for Beginners | XS’ Issue #23

REpresentational State TransferAn API, or application programming interface, is a set of rules that define how applications or devices can connect to and communicate with each other.A REST API is an API that conforms to the design principles of the REST, or r…


💭 Data Quality: Definition and FAQs | XS’ Issue #22

In order to make smart business decisions, you need accurate and high-quality data. But what is data quality, exactly? And how can you ensure your data is of the highest quality?Today, we'll answer those questions and more. We'll also discuss some tips for im…


💭 Structured Content | XS’ Issue #21

In this part, we'll break down everything you need to know about structured content, including what it is, how to use it, and the benefits it can offer your business.What Is Structured Content?Structured Content is content that is organized and designed to be…


💭 An Introduction to Content Federation | XS’ Issue #20

When most people think of content management, they think of a single system used to manage all the content on their website. However, there are alternative methods for managing content that can be just as effective.One such method is content federation - a pr…


💭 Composable DXP | XS’ Issue #19

A DXP combines multiple software applications into a single, cohesive platform that can be easily composed and recomposed to meet the changing needs of the business.A “composable DXP” essentially describes when a DXP is assembled from a series of best-of-bree…


💭 Agile Content Development | XS’ Issue #18

Companies are publishing hundreds of thousands of blog posts every day.This is making people tired of all the content - which means they're less interested and more likely to leave your website.A more agile way of planning, strategizing, and making content ca…


💭 Structured Data | XS’ Issue #17

In business, data is everything.Without accurate and timely data, it's difficult to make informed decisions that can help your company grow.However, not all data is created equal. There are two main types of data:structuredunstructured.Understanding the diffe…


💭 Headless Commerce | XS’ Issue #16

Headless Commerce. You may have heard this term tossed around, but you're not quite sure what it means.Headless commerce is an e-commerce architecture in which the front-end and back-end are decoupled. This separates the presentation layer from the business l…


💭 Cloud Native: A Beginners Guide | XS’ Issue #15

Most readers of this newsletter are likely familiar with the term "cloud-native." But, even if you are, you might not be sure what it means.Cloud-native architecture and technologies are an approach to designing, constructing, and operating workloads that are…


💭 MicroServices Explained Under 60 Seconds | Issue #14

Microservices are all the rage these days, but what actually are they?This approach has many benefits over traditional monolithic applications, but can be confusing to understand.What are microservices?In short, microservices are a way of dividing an applicat…


💭 What Is an API | Issue #13

The term API stands for → Application Programming InterfaceWhen you use a mobile phone application, it connects to the Internet and transmits data to a server. The server then receives the data, analyzes it, takes the appropriate steps, and delivers it back t…


💭 Phygital Shopping Experiences | XS' Issue #12

Phygital Shopping Experience refers to the combination of physical and digital elements in shopping. Whether it's big retailers adding digital technology to their physical stores or digital-first brands moving into brick-and-mortar, ‘phygital’ is what we call…