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💭 Agile Content Development | XS’ Issue #18

💭 Agile Content Development | XS’ Issue #18
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #18 • View online

A Brief Introduction to Agile Content Development
Companies are publishing hundreds of thousands of blog posts every day.
This is making people tired of all the content - which means they’re less interested and more likely to leave your website.
A more agile way of planning, strategizing, and making content can help you do this better. In this way, you can always come up with meaningful content for your target audience and use data to take the guesswork out of your content creation process.
“Agile content development is a technology-supported method to develop and continuously optimize competitive content.”
At its core, agile development is centered around collaboration and open communication, allowing people from a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets to contribute their ideas and expertise.
By actively involving customers, for example, teams are able to gain valuable insights into their audience and the needs of their users. In addition, constant feedback from stakeholders helps to ensure that the end product is responsive and relevant.
In agile content development, there is a continuous iterative cycle of:
  1. exploration
  2. creation
  3. optimization
  4. evaluation
Overall, agile content development offers an exciting opportunity for innovation in the world of digital experience and marketing.
With its focus on speed and agility, it has become a key component in driving effective campaigns that engage audiences on multiple platforms and boost ROI. And as technology continues to evolve and audiences change in response, agile development will remain at the forefront of content creation for years to come.
👉 Use data to help you plan and improve your content strategy, but make sure you are writing to help someone.
Resources to explore more about ‘Agile Content Development’:
Rounding Up the Stack
Each week, we try to read, listen to, and watch tens of blog posts (if not more than a hundred), guides, podcasts, videos, webinars, and any means of content to deliver you the best content from the last week.
These are the content from last week that we enjoyed reading and caught our attention:
Blog Posts
  • How B2B Marketers Can Activate First-Party Data in Their CDP
Customer data platforms (CDPs) centralize data from customer touchpoints. In B2B buying decision-making is often spread out over many individuals within an organization, marketers can use CDPs used to guide purchasers through the sales funnel:
  • The Jamstack Ecosystem vs. WordPress: Why and When to Switch
In this post, you’re going to cover everything you need to know about why and when you should utilize the newer Jamstack ecosystem over the traditional WordPress approach along with the benefits it brings to your website and your business:
  • Structured Content Management Is a Marketer’s Best Friend
Structuring all forms of content allows businesses to reuse, repurpose, and reimagine their content to deliver innovative customer experiences and stay ahead of evolving customer expectations:
  • JAMstack Improves Your Platform’s Resilience
Geopolitical, technological, environmental, or public health dynamics can produce a series of events that can strongly impact market conditions or people’s behavior. Thus, JAMstack has enabled companies to cope with disruptive events more effectively in this context:
  • Defining Your Data Quality
In this post, you’ll read exactly what you need to know about how to define your website’s data quality:
Podcast Episodes
The metaverse fits in all three of those boxes, with gaming, NFTs, and AR and VR technology making waves seemingly day after day, it’s important for companies to measure how they should engage with the metaverse, how much they should prioritize it, and what’s at risk if they do or don’t:
Commerce Experience
Commerce Experience
This episode discusses the future of marketing tracking and attribution:
“I think marketers who don’t make the change, who are sitting on cookies and being naive, waiting for the inevitable to come and for somebody to solve it for them, they are going to be in major trouble.” - MarTech Podcast
MarTech Podcast
MarTech Podcast
Videos and Webinars
  • Inside Lyft’s Customer-Focused Digital Transformation
Lyft’s VP of Customer Experience, Eric Burdullis talks about his career journey, what it truly means to be a customer-centric organization — and some valuable insights about Lyft’s continually evolving digital transformation:
Inside Lyft’s Customer-Focused Digital Transformation— With VP of Customer Experience Eric Burdullis
Inside Lyft’s Customer-Focused Digital Transformation— With VP of Customer Experience Eric Burdullis
  • BONUS Video: BFF VS GraphQL
Guides, Case Studies, and Reports
  • 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape
In this report, you’ll walk through the patterns that are emerging in the industry, and the ways in which marketing ops and technology teams are adapting to them:
Upcoming Events and Webinars
  • The Evolution of the CDP
The consumer landscape has changed radically over the past few years, and the customer data platform market has evolved to meet those demands. In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • a brief history of the CDP, the state of the market, how it grew from data management to much more
  • how the CDP is moving beyond marketing into the rest of the business.
🗓 Tuesday, May 17 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET
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Hope you’ll enjoy the content presented above.
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