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💭 Cloud Native: A Beginners Guide | XS’ Issue #15

💭 Cloud Native: A Beginners Guide | XS’ Issue #15
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #15 • View online

What Is Cloud Native
Most readers of this newsletter are likely familiar with the term “cloud-native.” But, even if you are, you might not be sure what it means.
Cloud-native architecture and technologies are an approach to designing, constructing, and operating workloads that are built in the cloud and take full advantage of the cloud computing model.
Cloud-native is all about being quick and adaptable. It’s becoming more common for business systems to become weapons of strategic change that boost organizational speed and growth.
However, business systems have gotten more complicated, with users wanting more. They want
  • quick responses,
  • cutting-edge features, and
  • no downtime.
Performance issues, frequent mistakes, and the inability to move quickly are no longer tolerated. Your users will go to your competitor’s website. Cloud-native systems are built to handle fast change, massive size, and resilience.
Many variables contribute to cloud native’s speed and agility:
  • cloud infrastructure → full advantage of the cloud service model
  • microservices → distributed set of small and independent services
  • modern design → principles, patterns, and best practices
  • containers → enablers of the cloud-native software
  • backing services → ancillary resources
  • automation → automated infrastructure and deployment
Benefits of Cloud-Native Applications
  1. Faster release
  2. Business agility
  3. Standards-based
  4. Reliability (no downtime)
  5. Automation
  6. Independence
  7. Resiliency & Scalability
Resources to learn more about cloud-native:
Rounding Up the Stack
Each week, we try to read, listen, and watch tens of blog posts (if not more than a hundred), guides, podcasts, videos, webinars, and any means of content to deliver you the best content from the last week.
These are the content from last week that we enjoyed reading and caught our attention:
Blog Posts
  • Content Modeling: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why Websites Need It
Content is king. But modeling content is how to make content king. Continue to read to discover how implementing content models can help improve your content production process:
  • What the Next Few Years Hold for Enterprise Content Management
In this article, you’ll have a realistic preview of what managing and using the information will look like in the next three to five years:
  • What Is Data Governance?
How policies, processes, roles, and technology come together to ensure data integrity, data quality, and access control:
  • The Rise of the Experience Economy and How it’s Shaping the Future of E-commerce
How we consume the product matters. How we feel about how we consume the product matters. How the brand ensures we enjoy our consumption of the product matters:
  • What’s New In Conversational Voice Experiences?
Jake DiMare shares examples demonstrating how yesterday’s voice apps are becoming tomorrow’s conversational custom assistants and unpacks what’s driving these changes:
  • BONUS: 5 Ways Fusion Teams Can Elevate the Customer Experience
Podcast Episodes
Today, Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media is here to discuss the North Star metric, how brands can leverage data to become fully customer-centric, the importance of tracking your purchase cycle, and more:
Data Unlocked
Data Unlocked
Featured guest, Michael Buckham-White, Global Technology Managing Director at Deloitte Information Technology Services (ITS), shares leadership best practices and effective ways to partner with your technology (IT) team for improved customer satisfaction:
Doing CX Right
Doing CX Right
Videos and Webinars
  • How to Transform Digital Experiences With Modern MarTech
This webinar will walk you through how to deliver elevated digital experiences, select the best software solutions for your enterprise, and build a tech stack that rivals the competition:
How to Transform Digital Experiences With Modern MarTech
How to Transform Digital Experiences With Modern MarTech
Guides, Case Studies, and Reports
  • Digital Optimization vs. Digital Transformation Explained
Learn the difference between digital optimization and digital transformation and how to embrace the movements for the benefit of your business:
Upcoming Events and Webinars
  • AI, Chatbots, and Personalization
In this lesson, you’re going to get into advanced personalization topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots, and how to scale personalization to support many users.
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