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💭 Cookieless Personalization: Get Ready for the Cookieless Future | Issue #2



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💭 Cookieless Personalization: Get Ready for the Cookieless Future | Issue #2
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #2 • View online
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Cookieless Personalization: Create Personalized Experiences Without Tracking
As businesses, we’re always looking for ways to create more personalized experiences for our customers. But while personalization is essential, it can also be tricky - especially when it comes to tracking customer data.
On top of that, customers want personalized experiences, but they don’t want to be tracked.
How can we, as businesses, deliver personalized experiences without tracking customers’ activities?
One way of doing that is by using the cookieless personalization approach.
Cookieless personalization allows us to create tailored experiences for our customers without tracking their behavior or using third-party cookies. By using this approach, we can protect our customers’ privacy and still provide them with the personalized experiences they desire.
Kat Warboys from Hubspot summarizes the cookieless future and respecting customer data in a phenomenal way:
For marketers, it’s an important reminder about doing right by customers, especially when it comes to respecting their data. Companies that choose to abuse customer data can certainly grow, but in the long run, that growth will cost them their customers’ trust — that’s not really growth at all, it’s debt. But companies that protect data and use it thoughtfully to make customers’ lives just a little bit easier will be the ones that do well.”
The bottom line is that cookieless personalization is a great way to create personalized experiences for your customers while respecting their data.
This approach uses data (zero-party and first-party data) gathered from past interactions with your customers to create a personalized experience without the need for cookies or other tracking mechanisms.
There are several reasons to be optimistic as we move toward a cookieless future, and the primary message is the increasing importance of zero-party and first-party data because 69% of consumers say they appreciate personalization, so long as it’s based on data they’ve shared with a business directly.
More resources about cookieless personalization:
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Rounding Up the Stack
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Videos and Webinars
  • Headless Commerce in 2022 - Future of MACH Architecture
Digital has emerged as the primary business channel and headless technology is now a standard for building digital platforms. This video runs through a few of the most interesting trends for 2022.
Headless Commerce in 2022 - Future of MACH Architecture
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Upcoming Events & Webinars
  • Introduction to Customer Data for Personalization
🛠 In this lesson, you’ll learn all about data types, data privacy as it relates to personalization, how to segment anonymous visitors, what data-driven profiles are and how to create them, and much more.
🗓 Wedenesday, January 26, 2022 | 7.30 am PT / 10.30am ET / 4.30pm CET
Introduction to Customer Data for Personalization
  • Proving the Business Value of Customer Experience
🛠 In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. How exceptional CX drives greater revenue per customer and lowers churn
  2. Why do customers who stay longer spend more with your brand
  3. How referrals impact your bottom line
🗓 Wednesday, January 19 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 8 pm CET
WEBINAR: Proving the Business Value of Customer Experience
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