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💭 How to Succeed in B2B Personalization at Scale | XS’ Issue #35



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💭 How to Succeed in B2B Personalization at Scale | XS’ Issue #35
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #35 • View online

Discover Why B2B Personalization Is the Key to Making Your Content Work for You
Business-to-business (B2B) personalization is the process of tailoring content and marketing messages to the specific needs and interests of B2B customers or prospects. By understanding each customer’s unique business challenges and pain points, B2B marketers can create more relevant, targeted content that resonates on a personal level and drives results.
B2B personalization can have a major impact on your business. You can build stronger relationships with your clients and customers by making your communication more personalized. In turn, this can lead to increased sales and repeat business. Here are just a few of the benefits that B2B personalization can provide:
  1. Improved customer satisfaction
  2. Greater engagement
  3. Increased sales
  4. Improved ROI
  5. Greater efficiency
How to Succeed in B2B Personalization at Scale
Regarding B2B personalization at scale, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind to be successful. First and foremost, you need to clearly understand who your target audience is and what they want or need from your product or service. Once you know this, you can begin segmenting your audience into smaller groups to more easily tailor your messages to them.
It’s also important to remember that personalization doesn’t just mean using someone’s first name in an email - it goes much deeper than that. To truly personalize your communications, you need to be able to offer each individual customer something that is relevant and valuable to them. This could be anything from a personalized product or service to a tailored message or offer.
Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that personalization at scale requires a lot of data. You need to collect data on your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and interactions with your brand to be able to effectively personalize your communications with them. Without this data, you’ll only be guessing at what they want or need - and that’s not likely to lead to success.
Rounding Up the Stack
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These are the content from last week that we enjoyed reading and caught our attention:
Blog Posts
  • Why Is Data Quality Harder than Code Quality?
There are more unknown data quality issues than code bugs waiting to be discovered. But, is data quality a more complex problem to solve than code quality:
  • Survey: Lack of Data Automation Inhibits AI Maturity
Without automated data integration, broad trust in AI, and the right expertise, organizations will struggle to mature their AI capabilities:
  • Understanding Cloud Native
This piece describes the core attributes, architectural principles, and technologies behind this new approach to enterprise computing:
  • How Personalized Customer Experience Delivers Brand Loyalty
Delivering tailored and contextual experiences throughout the customer journey is a strategic imperative for business leaders:
  • 5 Reasons to Go Headless
An important investment a digital leader will make is the right digital content, commerce, and experience platform to invest in to deliver on business growth ambitions:
Podcast Episodes
  • How Data Can Make Your Direct Mail Outreach More Sustainable - Data Unlocked
In this episode, Christina Louie Dyer, the Head of Social Impact & Sustainability of Lob, and Shela Wu, Senior Data Analyst and the Chair of the Green Network at Simon Data, discuss what brands can do to offset their carbon footprint, how direct mail can be part of your overall marketing strategy, and more:
Data Unlocked
Data Unlocked
Videos and Webinars
  • Organizing and Instrumenting a Product led Growth Strategy
Organizing and Instrumenting a Product led Growth Strategy | Jim Szafranski
Organizing and Instrumenting a Product led Growth Strategy | Jim Szafranski
Guides, Case Studies, and Reports
  • 13 Best E-commerce Books Every Online Seller Needs to Read in 2022
These books cover a wide range of topics, from hands-on e-commerce experience and consumer psychology to product strategy and customer service. No matter what your focus is, you’re sure to find something helpful in this list:
Upcoming Events and Webinars
  • Build a Dynamic Links Page for Social Bios
Putting a link tree in your social bios is popular, but what if you want it to live update with your stats? In this episode, Jason will build out a custom “link in bio” page with dynamically updating profile stats:
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