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💭 Phygital Shopping Experiences | XS' Issue #12

💭 Phygital Shopping Experiences | XS' Issue #12
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #12 • View online
Hey there 👋, from the 12th issue of Experience Stack Newsletter.
It’s been 3 months since we’ve started this newsletter, and I still have the same excitement every Wednesday night when writing the new issue ⚡
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Let’s jump to this week’s topic: Phygital Shopping Experiences 🛍️
Then as always, you’ll have the curation of blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other types of content from last week 🚀

How Phygital Shopping Exeriences Can Change The Way You Connect With Customers
Phygital Shopping Experience refers to the combination of physical and digital elements in shopping. Whether it’s big retailers adding digital technology to their physical stores or digital-first brands moving into brick-and-mortar, ‘phygital’ is what we call it.
This omnichannel sales approach assists businesses in creating a fully integrated physical and digital presence.
Having a physical store lets you provide experiences you can’t accomplish online, and having an online store gives customers the flexibility to choose how they shop, pay, and fulfill their orders.
Here are some of the benefits of phygital shopping:
  • tailored shopping experiences and recommendations
  • better customer experiences
  • higher brand awareness
  • increase in sales
Whether your business originated online or offline, combining your physical and digital stores is a proven sales and marketing strategy.
Here are a few examples of retailers trying and succeeding with phygital shopping experiences:
Rounding Up the Stack
Each week, we try to read, listen, and watch tens of blog posts (if not more than a hundred), guides, podcasts, videos, webinars, and any means of content to deliver you the best content from the last week.
These are the content from last week that we enjoyed reading and caught our attention:
Blog Posts
  • Planning Omnichannel Experiences Using a Headless CMS
Headless CMSs are ideal for developing and delivering omnichannel content. They allow enterprises to create once and publish everywhere. Yet making content omnichannel-ready involves more than providing it to various devices:
  • Is It Possible to Have Both Privacy and Personalization?
Most people would agree that privacy and personalization are both important, but is it possible to have both:
  • What Is Customer Experience? Definition, Examples, & Tools
Discover why investing in customer experience increases customer loyalty and retention:
  • Data Quality Vital Signs: Five Methods for Evaluating the Health of Your Data
This article highlights metrics and processes you can use to quickly evaluate the health of your data, no matter where your company falls on the data maturity curve:
  • Leveraging Data to Create Loyal First-Time Customers: Advice from Top Retail Marketers
Here are the top four tips for activating loyalty through data:
  • BONUS: JAMstack Increases Your eCommerce Security and Performance
  • MarTech Podcast
Kris Hartvigsen, CEO & Co-Founder of Dooly, discusses product-led SaaS growth and business strategies for marketing technology companies:
MarTech Podcast
MarTech Podcast
  • The Customer Experience Podcast
Product-led growth is an excellent strategy for about 5% of B2B companies. This type of growth requires an incredibly easy-to-use product – one that offers a lot of value while requiring minimal effort. That typically isn’t the case in B2B, especially software as a service (SaaS).
So how should the other 95% of B2B brands grow?
The other 95% should focus on customer-led growth:
The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast
Videos and Webinars
  • Blake Morgan’s YouTube Channel
Experiential marketing gives brands another way to create a strong customer experience and immerse customers in the brand. After two years of creative digital marketing and virtual events, in-person experiential marketing is back.
In-Person Experiential Marketing Is Back
In-Person Experiential Marketing Is Back
Upcoming Events and Webinars
  • Crafting Personalized Customer Experiences with Data
In this session, you’ll hear about:
  1. How to put customer data to work to hit your 2022 marketing goals
  2. Learn how to embrace insights from your customer data
  3. How to leverage customer data for better marketing ROI
🗓 Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at 11 pm PT - 2 pm ET
That’s it from our side.
Hope you’ll enjoy the content presented above.
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