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💭 Predictive Personalization: Anticipate Customers’ Needs and Wants | XS’ Issue #40

💭 Predictive Personalization: Anticipate Customers’ Needs and Wants | XS’ Issue #40
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #40 • View online

What Is Predictive Personalization
One of the latest trends in personalization is predictive personalization.
Predictive personalization uses data and analytics to anticipate what a customer wants or needs and then provides them with relevant content or product recommendations before they know they need it.
Predictive personalization can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it can be used to recommend products or services that a customer is likely to be interested in. It can also provide customer support before a problem arises or offer discounts and promotions at the right time.
Why Is Predictive Personalization Important
Predictive personalization is important because it allows companies to anticipate the needs and wants of their customers. By understanding a customer’s purchase history and preferences, businesses can make recommendations for products, services, or content that are likely to be of interest.
This type of personalized approach can build customer loyalty and increase sales.
In a competitive marketplace, predictive personalization can give a company an edge over its rivals. Customers are more likely to do business with a company that understands their individual needs and can provide relevant recommendations. For this reason, predictive personalization is becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to remain competitive.
Despite its advantages, predictive personalization is not without its challenges. One of the main challenges is data privacy. Customers are increasingly concerned about how their data is used and shared.
As a result, companies must be very transparent about how they use customer data and give customers the option to opt out of predictive personalization.
How Does Predictive Personalization Work
Predictive personalization is a data-driven approach to delivering personalized content and recommendations to users. By analyzing past user behavior, predictive personalization can provide accurate predictions about what a user is likely to want or need in the future.
This information can then be used to deliver targeted content and recommendations that are tailored to the individual user.
Rounding Up the Stack
Each and every week, hundreds of blog posts, guides, and playbooks are written, tens of podcast episodes are recorded, and tens of videos and webinars are produced in the digital experience space.
These are the most exciting content from last week that caught our attention, and we enjoyed reading, listening, and watching:
Blog Posts
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When customers are more involved in the process, your marketing automation program will benefit from better data:
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With inflation and the looming recession, how can brands and retailers sustain growth:
Podcast Episodes
In this podcast, MACH Alliance Board members Chris Bach (Co-Founder of Netlify) and Gordana Vuckovic (Chief Revenue Officer at Vue Storefront) discuss how JAMstack best practice can help you maximize the benefits of composable:
The MACH Alliance Podcast
The MACH Alliance Podcast
This episode discusses the various tools companies utilize every day, using data to understand your customer’s needs, and how companies can reconnect back with their customers:
Lessons for Tomorrow
Lessons for Tomorrow
Videos and Webinars
  • Digital Transformation Is About People, Not Just Technology
Dow has been in operation for 123 years. While leading the company’s digital transformation, Melanie Kalmar, Corporate VP, CIO, and Chief Digital Officer at Dow, realized that it was less about technology and more about how customers and employees interact:
Digital Transformation Is About People, Not Just Technology
Digital Transformation Is About People, Not Just Technology
Guides, Case Studies, and Reports
  • Findings from the Jamstack Community Survey 2022
Upcoming Events and Webinars
  • Why Knowledge Management Is Critical to Business Resiliency
How organizations are future-proofing business by harnessing company and employee knowledge:
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