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💭 Webhooks Explained Under 1-Minute | XS’ Issue #25

💭 Webhooks Explained Under 1-Minute | XS’ Issue #25
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #25 • View online

Webhooks Explained Under 1-Minute
In a world where API integrations are key to business success, it’s no wonder that webhooks have become so popular. But what exactly is a webhook, and why is it so important for headless architectures?
What Is a Webhook?
A webhook is an API that is used to provide real-time notifications of events. It allows you to push data to a URL when an event occurs, rather than polling for data at regular intervals.
Webhooks are often used to trigger actions such as sending a text message or email, updating a database record, or triggering a build in a continuous integration system.
In order to use a webhook, you need to register the URL with the provider of the service that will be generating the events. When an event occurs, the provider will send an HTTP POST request to the registered URL, containing information about the event. The recipient of the POST request can then take any appropriate action, such as sending a notification or updating a record.
Webhooks are an efficient way of receiving notifications about events, as they avoid the overhead of polling for data at regular intervals.
Why Are Webhooks Important?
Webhooks are a powerful tool for developers.
By allowing applications to subscribe to events, they can receive real-time updates whenever something happens. This enables them to build highly responsive applications that can react to changes as they happen.
Webhooks also make it possible to decouple different parts of an application, which can make development and debug simpler.
In addition, webhooks can be used to provide data from one application to another. For example, a weather forecast could be provided to a travel application so that it could warn users of potentially bad conditions.
By understanding how webhooks work and how they can be used, developers can unlock a whole new range of possibilities for their applications.
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What Is a Webhook & Why Is It Key to Headless Architectures?
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